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Semi-Truck Loads

If you have a project that calls for coverage of approximately 2700 square feet or more, please call us for information on volume discounts beyond what we offer by the skip (tractor scoop) load, subject to availability and/or logistical constraints.

We use truck and transfers (also known as truck and trailers) like the example above, as well as end dumps, as shown below. The most common logistical constraint in delivering these loads is that a semi-truck won't fit in the area either due to its inherent size as it is driving down the road (hairpin turns, narrow roads, etc.), or because it doesn't have vertical clearance to dump.

End dump example

Semi-truck loads are delivered direct to the customer. Please give us as much advance notice as possible to accommodate your needs. Typical lead times range from same-day to weeks, depending on the material requested.

If you are outside of the Antelope Valley, San Fernando Valley, or Simi Valley area, we can deliver a minimum of approx. 2700+ sq. ft. or more of our decorative landscape rock almost anywhere in California from Sacramento down to the Mexican border. We should be able to meet or beat any price in the state. Call us for a quote.