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Landscape Fabric & Edging

We strongly recommend laying down landscape fabric to help minimize plant growth from underneath your landscaping materials; and to help prevent the landscaping materials from sinking into the soil over time.

Landscape Fabric

Fabriscape® Landscape Fabric
Sold by the roll @ $0.10 per sq. ft.
(3 x 50, 150 sq. ft.) $15
(3 x 100, 300 sq. ft.) $30
(3 x 250, 750 sq. ft.) $75
(4 x 250, 1000 sq. ft.) $100
(5 x 250, 1250 sq. ft.) $125
(6 x 250, 1500 sq. ft.) $150
(8 x 250, 2000 sq. ft.) $200

Landscape Fabric Specs

• specifications of our Fabriscape┬« landscape fabric
• we've used this great fabric manufacturer for decades

Landscape Edging

Landscape Edging
(sold by the piece) $27

• 20' length of edging is 5 inches tall
• comes with 4 metal stakes and 1 "C" connector

We have carried the same commercial-grade landscape fabric from Fabriscape® for decades that many, many landscape professionals and homeowners have purchased from us and have found reliable. Fabric is superior to plastic sheeting because it will not retain water in your landscaping.

Landscape edging helps keep your decorative rock or other ground cover tidy and in the area you want it in. Each strip of edging comes with stakes and connectors.