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The Big Difference

A "skip" is an open container used for transporting materials, such as the bucket (the scoop) on the front of a tractor.

Skips come in various sizes. Our skip for decorative rock, which is 5/8 of a cubic yard, covers 100 square feet at 2 inches deep for 2-inch or smaller rock.

Our skip gives you 25% more than what you would get with a half-cubic-yard (4/8) skip which only covers 80 square feet. (25% of 80 equals 20. Those 20 extra square feet are what you get with our 5/8-yard skip to get to 100 square feet.)

Still others use an even smaller skip: 3/8 of a cubic yard. This covers a mere 60 square feet at 2 inches deep (or 120 square feet at one inch deep). Our skip is approximately 67% bigger than a 3/8-yard skip. (67% of 60 equals about 40. Those 40 extra square feet are what you get with our skip.)

When used for gathering our variety of high-quality soil amendments and barks, our mounded skip gives you approximately one cubic yard of material, which covers about 160 square feet at 2 inches deep.

Keep these coverage differences in mind when comparing prices based on "a skip."